How You Can Start and Operate a Soup Kitchen

Mission Possible: How You Can Start and Operate a Soup Kitchen

Presentations and Workshops

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Irwin S. Stoolmacher & Peter C. Wise have more than thirty-five years of in the trenches experience working with the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK).

Peter Wise has presented on a variety of topics to many different audiences, both secular and faith-based. In addition to presenting how to start a soup kitchen (or expand an existing soup kitchen), other presentations focus on the need to reduce poverty in this relatively wealthy nation and the specific ways to accomplish that goal. He has also presented on the rewards of volunteerism to many groups including those in career training for the social sciences and the non-profit sector.

In addition to social service topics, Peter presents a talk entitled, “The Lucky Generation” which describes the good fortune of those born between “The Greatest Generation” and “The Baby Boom Generation”. He also presents on the subject of his first career, that of the dawn of the space age and the development of manned and unmanned satellites and spacecraft.

His audiences range from school groups – elementary to graduate school, civic and religious organizations as well as business, senior citizen and peace movement gatherings.

Irwin Stoolmacher has presented dozens of seminars and keynote speeches throughout the United States on fundraising, voluntarism, education, strategic planning and personnel subjects before such groups as the American Cancer Society, American Society of Travel Agents, Independent Computer Consultants Association, National Automobile Dealers Association, New Jersey Apartment Association, New Jersey Independent Insurance Agents, North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Realtors National Marketing Institute, New Jersey Annual Conference on Volunteerism and the Nonprofit Support Center of New Jersey.

Irwin has spoken before small groups as well as audience with more than 1,000 attendees.  This past month he made a very well-received presentation on the formation and operation of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen to some fifty invitees at the home of a key human resources official of a Fortune 500 Company.

Presentation Topics

Soup Kitchens: Band-Aid or Solution?

Some view soup kitchens and emergency shelters as band-aids that actually retard the larger efforts of reducing poverty. The author’s answer is simple – it is not a matter of either/or - both efforts are needed. We cannot let people go hungry while we attempt to address the underlying factors that result in high levels of poverty.

Are Soup Kitchen's Still Relevant?

Places like Trenton Area Soup Kitchen are not the single purpose soup kitchen familiar to previous generations. In addition to providing nutritious meals to the traditional needy which include the elderly, the physical challenged, the mentally ill, and those suffering from substance abuse - they also serve the "newly poor" - middle class Americans unexpectedly shoved into the ranks of the poor due to the recession. Because of the economic stresses on the newly poor, soup kitchens are still desperately needed..

How to Start a Soup Kitchen.

An information-packed presentation that provides everything one needs to consider when starting a soup kitchen. The presentation provides practical insights and useful information on how to establish a new soup kitchen or enhance an existing kitchen. The seminar will provide crucial information on fundraising, marketing and public relations, acquiring, handling and serving food, board of trustee responsibilities and relations, recruiting and managing volunteers and much more.

Soup Kitchens: Part of the problem or part of the solution?

There are some in our society who feel that charitable feeding programs for people living in poverty actually destroy self-reliance and promote a culture of dependency. Further, it is felt that soup kitchens cause that dependency to become a legacy of reliance on charitable hand-outs across the generations.  Is this true? Does being the recipient of a soup kitchen services reduce one’s work ethic? What are the real experiences of soup kitchen client’s desire to work and be productive members of society? This presentation attempts to put all of these questions in perspective and separate the myth from the hard realities.

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Past Speaking Engagements and Experience
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Society of Travel Agents
  • Bonner Scholars at The College of New Jersey
  • Bonner Scholars at Ursinus College
  • Coalition for Peace and Justice, Monroe Township, New Jersey
  • Cranbury Elementary School
  • Cranbury Lions Club
  • Cranbury Senior Resource Center
  • Independent Computer Consultants Association
  • Masters in Social Work, School of Social Work, Rutgers University
  • National Automobile Dealers Association
  • New Jersey Apartment Association
  • New Jersey Independent Insurance Agents
  • North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
  • Realtors National Marketing Institute
  • Robert Wood Johnson, Hamilton Center for Health and Wellness
  • Saint Anthony's Church Social Justice Group
  • Support Center of New Jersey